Every 5 years, Cochise County is required to generate a community health assessment and community health improvement plan based on the outcome of that assessment. The Community Health Assessment was completed in early 2017 and Community Health Improvement Plan will be completed by late 2017. To download the Community Health Assessment, click here (PDF). To download the Community Health Assessment Appendix, click here (PDF).

Click here (PDF) to download the Cochise County Community Health Improvement Plan.

The Community Health Assessment highlighted three areas that are the highest priority.

  1. Mental Health & Substance Abuse

  2. Jobs and a Healthy Economy

  3. Healthy Eating, Diabetes & Obesity

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) was a collaborative effort by the Cochise County community to establish a realistic and ambitious plan to improve the health of our community over the next five years. Here is how the pieces fit together that created the CHIP.

Healthy Cochise is comprised of the different committees from each community, a steering committee, the Cochise County Board of Health, Cochise County Health & Social Services, Health Management Associates, and Cochise County residents, families, and commuters.

All of this data and feedback come together to create a plan to improve and address the health needs in Cochise County.

Click here (PDF) to download a version of this Community Engagement Model.