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Partnered with Sierra Vista Transit and got a FREE shuttle bus from the transit center to the Farmers Market every Thursday.

Partnership with Copper Queen Hospital and Cochise Leadership Academy got a new POWWOW location in Palominas to provide fresh produce to a food desert. 

Working on developing edible neighborhoods and promoting community gardens in Sierra Vista. 

Moving toward implementing Tobacco 21 in Sierra Vista.


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Be Healthy! Sierra Vista was initially convened in 2014, with a mission to “lead, promote, and advance sustainable health initiatives in the Sierra Vista area”. Members of this health committee serve together in the roll of prevention, quality care insurance, policy development and community engagement. 


In early 2016 the committee, through its partnership with the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Sierra Vista School District, was able to influence the City Council to install a new crosswalk near an elementary school in Sierra Vista. Since then, activities have focused on raising awareness about healthy living activities and engaging the community through events. They support “active transportation” through handing out pedometers at events and holding large scale bicycle events, such as Tour de Vista.


The committee has recently gone under new leadership and is working through a new round of strategic planning where transportation and food access have been identified as their top priorities. 


Currently, Be Healthy! Sierra Vista is working on goals to:

1. Increase transportation from the West End of Sierra Vista to healthy food options

2. Increasing food access in Hereford and Palominas

3. Implementing Tobacco 21 in Sierra Vista