Welcome to Huachuca City, AZ



Developed partnership with Healthy Tombstone and Sierra Vista Transit on writing an upcoming grant to improve transportation in all three communities.

Got Chiricahua mobile clinic to come out to Huachuca City 

Developed Facebook page, website, and established leadership and bylaws

Removed goatheads from the Huachuca City park

HC Garden is providing free produce which is being distributed through the library and will be distributed out of the newly renovated senior center soon

Going to open a food pantry at the new senior center


Bob Spahle




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What we're doing

Healthy Huachuca City has recently formed a Healthy Community Committee and is excited at the prospect of growing membership and strategic planning to address key community health issues in this small community. This group is striving to increase access to healthier food and transportation and to advocate for community engagement in Huachuca City. Healthy Huachuca City will soon be electing officers to become eligible for 501(c)(3) status in the future. 

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