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PSE initiatives

1. Increasing health access. (a) The Good Neighbor Program, a partnership with Volunteer Interfaith Caregiver Program (VICAP) that sends volunteers to visit Benson seniors in social home visits b) Stroke prevention – offer Tai Chi and aging mastery class in cooperation with Benson Hospital and SEAGO run by community members. VICAP provides transportation.)

2. Increasing access to healthy foods. (a) Initiating a POWWOW in Benson through collaboration between community volunteers, BCRC, Benson Hospital and Tractor Supply. There have been two POWWOW events in Benson (November 2019 and December 2019), with 246 community members served and just over 17,000 pounds of produce provided in the community.

BCRC projects;

1. the BCRC Food Box Project, a discharge food box program for seniors discharged from Benson Hospital, working with the  Benson Hospital Nutrition Department & Nursing Department and the Benson Food Pantry

2. Working on a prescription cost reduction initiative for seniors and low-income adults facilitated through Benson Hospital.

3. Collaborated with Benson Hospital and Benson USD, Benson Hospital generously covered the cost of unpaid school lunches.

4. worked with the City of Benson and Brighten the Path to access the Benson Community Center. 

5. working with the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office to help seniors and vulnerable adults sign up for emergency notification services and a phone call service program.

For Information Contact:

Jason Zibart


Meetings held the third Wednesday of every month at the Benson Hospital.

All welcomed to attend!



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Benson Community Resource Council or BCRC was established in late 2017 through the sponsorship of Benson Hospital using an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer.


The Benson HCC is currently going through leadership change, a new round of strategic planning, vision focus, and a name change! More to come in 2019.